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About Us

Our Story

Meet the CEO of RinaLuxe Hair! Her motivation behind starting this business began when people used to ask her to order hair for them because of how well she always styled and took proper care of her hair. Later, she decided that she wanted to start selling hair. She began to start researching, planning and testing hair so that she can provide customers with quality hair. Three years later, she started her business. Rina Luxe Hair is focused on providing 100% luxurious brazilian virgin hair. The company is focused on administering an authentic and prestigious level of customer service to each client interested in purchasing the products, thereby establishing a long lasting trustworthy relationship. The Rina Luxe Hair commitment and dedication provides clients with the highest beauty experiences for everyone. 

"Beauty without expression is boring."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mission Statement

Our mission and priority at Rina Luxe Collection, is to provide each and every Luxe Girl with exceptional, beauty experiences.